He is
a built-in relative
a built-in partner
a built-in friend and sometimes
a built-in pest.
I share
his last-name
his house
his things and luckily
his good-looks
He sometimes is bossy and irritating
But comes in handy when I need
Someone to share the blame or
Someone to help me out.
He was my welcome-companion on lonely nights and
A convenient playmate on rainy day.
Today, he is my best advisor and
Sometimes the greatest critic.
And even though there are times I had wished to send him TO THE MOON,
I wouldn’t trade my brother FOR THE WORLD!

I can find no better way to describe this ‘my blood’ than by this poem I happened to bump into as I am anticipating my brother’s arrival in another 4 hours time from now. Its already 1 in the morning and I am as fresh I would be in the wee-hours of the day. Though I do not actually know the reason, I am deeply imbued with this thought of writing today, on my first blog on WordPress about this wonderful gentleman in my life.

As I await his arrival, my memory serves me far too well by taking me back to the days when I started recognizing him as my brother. The days of tri-cycle, Sunday school and skits in Calcutta, hide & seek, first house and school in Chennai, the gold coin winning moment  at school, my big brother going to college, teaching me subjects, the happiness he brought home when he landed in his first job and everything till today. But I faintly remember how he hated me being tagged along with him. And I took my turn of hurting this innocent being in ‘my own time’. From kicking him, picking up fights, locking him in the rest rooms to throwing all tantrums, I took the upper-hand in all I could. I would stage every drama at home to prove myself right and him wrong each time.

Everything came to a stand-still when he moved to a different city on project. I must admit I began missing his presence. Now that he lives in a different country, I miss him even more, in fact much beyond my comprehension. This guy has been just amazing-a silent revolutionist, a perfectionist, faithful in every sense, never advising instead setting up an example each time. I must admit the fact that I realised it very late. Blame it on age or time but at the end of it all, I am happy he is my ‘rock’ and ‘an angel’ in disguise in/of my life.

I close down as my mom yells from the bedroom asking me to hit the bed as its already 1:40 and I have to be at the airport at 5. The last update from him was, “In Bahrain flight now see you all tomr”

-Expecting you, my most lovely bro(annan) [*annan in Tamil is big brother]


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