A beautiful day…

It was 07:45 and my friend was home to give me a ‘kicking’ start to the day, infact a sunday. I hurried up and as usual had my time of confusion, choosing the right attire. Yes, after 2 unsuccessful attempts I decided upon the dress I ought to wear. 

We started off our candid clicks right away. With I becoming her photographer and she turning my model, it was superlicious.

We realised we were getting late and so hurried up giving a light touch-up to our shimmering faces. 

Oh ya, we had planned an outing-‘A girls day-out’.

Taking my whitey swift, I zoomed past the unusual empty roads (much to my surprise) on a Sunday morning in the Chennai city.

We began our conversation, and trust me its an amazing feeling to drive the car with some beautiful music at the background while your best friends accompany you. 

Destination 1 : we were much ahead of our scheduled time. The church. After some lazy-gazing into the bookstore, we walked in to the hall and found a super place (I am very particular about where I sit). 

And there my beautiful bestie arrives, all the way smiling through the crowd. We stay in the same city, work for the same organisation but we never found time to meet each other (I am sorry about it). And I forgot to tell you, the other one who disturbed my sleep early in the morning is my other best friend who flew all the way from Qatar after a year. Now you get my point, why I am so excited!?

It was a wonderful service undoubtedly and I personally loved it. But we were bad though to sneak out of the service when there was the benediction going on. And we did it, since we were running short of time for the next place.

Now I was super excited to drive my friends (I have never drove them until today) and my swift played the perfect host, giving us no trouble. 

Destination 2 :  Finally ! Yes, we arrived at the most happening place for lunch. Trust me I deprived my stomach of two servings (dinner and breakfast) so I could treat myself to the yummy barbecues. 

Hot and sizzling kebabs, tandoors, tikkas, barbeques made way to our table. The tikkas were amazing. Juicy and succulent. I imagined myself hosting a feeding-frenzy show on tv. Lovely ambience and excellent hospitality. I loved every bit of the time I spent there. After zillion random shots(I call it candid on photographic terms), we finally went onto the main course and then the desserts. I managed to gulp down a few jamuns and lick on some pastries after a few scoops of ice creams. 

ImageI felt I still had a little space after almost 2 hrs of our time at the restaurant. So I grabbed the plate for another round of desserts. Only today did I actually realise I had a pretty good appetite. (Not bad me)

Now I had actually over-eaten on technical grounds and my overly stuffed stomach did not allow me to pack up. We sat down, rewinding to the days in college. (These are my best friends from college).

We couldn’t stop but laugh out so much on our funny activities when in college. The days of blank vivas, no outputs in computer labs, being late to class after all the make-up in the restrooms, hogging over the chicken manchurians and biriyanis for lunch, Not to mention, the wonderful time we spent with god in our college’s chapel. The chapel is the place that moulded us, formed us, saw many of our trials, failures, unanswered prayers and miracles. 

That place has a special blessing and when you walk out, you sure would feel blessed.

Now to my story back… We packed up after a couple of pictures and walked to a famous store that was just at a stone’s Throw away. After a little shopping, we walked to the entrance, sat there not bothering about anybody, laughing out so much on everything our hearts could think of, deep down knowing that the day has come to an end. 

My heart was heavy… I was going to miss them. Miss them like crazy.

With marriages doting our charts, this eventful day would ever be cherished. This day was special because two of my life’s most precious girls made my day.

How I wish we remain this closer forever… Again leaving it to god, HE paints the tapestry beautifully. I would remind him to inlude these two beautiful ladies in all of my life’s chapters….


5 thoughts on “When the ‘trio’ met

  1. Hey shyls..its awesome..I teared up almost…thanks a ton for everything the love,the care,the friendship i received..I will cherish the college days and all these moments for the rest of my life..I am sure that we will remain the same for years to come..Love you Loads n Loads…:) 🙂

  2. Awww my sweet baby !!! Hw did Eva miss reading ds … M outtawords di dog !!! I Neva say tank u fr being my best Shyls,bt i really thank my God fr giving me suchhaa wonderfull friend n my life 🙂 al I cn say s He has gifted me wd u!!! Luv u tonnesss :* missing ya soo much 😦

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