I remember what this word ‘Valentine’ meant to me during my school days. It was probably during my 6th or 7th grade that I came to know the ‘why-what’ of Vday.

I studied in a school that was damn strict; strict to the very extent that we weren’t allowed to speak to a student of the opposite gender, where we had separate stairs for the girls and boys, separate everything you could imagine. Now this being said, you will not be surprised if I tell you that our bags were normally checked for gifts/cards on the morning of the 14th. Can you conceptualize that? I did receive a few notable cards, letters, and gifts when in school but definitely not on the 14th of February. I also muse over how dreadful my mom would look at me when I turned on to see a special programme on tv. Gracious Lord !

Moving over to college, it definitely had its own list of ‘most happening things’, like for instance the dress color code, the dates & gifts my friends talked about. Since I studied in city’s one of the top class colleges, things were pretty different from what you could expect. People were ‘high on love’. Hmm… I faintly remember having received a few ‘likes’ (with chocolates of course) and a few unrequited love here and there, but that was fun altogether! Today, most of them are my very genuine and good friends with a few even married 🙂

Love was in air, Love was in the college bus, Love was in the class (with couple of pairs right in class), Love was in the mess hall (Oh yes, even among the servers).

Chennai used to be the most happening place with all major stores giving out offers on anything and everything that you could tag with the word ‘couple’. I personally enjoyed the malls decorated in big-big hearts, streets lit up with red serial lights, the smell of red roses piercing through my nostrils and definitely the good offers on all majors.

It has been two years out of college and I sit back to think how much things have changed. I of course do not have an Isaac to take to the altar (you would understand this if you knew the bible story of Abraham and his son Isaac). This valentine’s day was just another regular day at office except that I spotted a few couples here and there and not to forget the rare sight of the guys and girls thronging the ‘Spectrum supermarket’ in our office campus!

Next year…hmmm, maybe I get to celebrate; hopefully; wishfully!

Or maybe 2 years from now…. Who knows!

But as of now, I am enjoying every day of my spinsterhood. There is no hurry though people say time is ticking away.

HIS time is perfect, I believe. Yes, believing for the lucky wind swirling miles across continents, to drop my parcel of love and happiness for life on my head to awaken me from my spinster-sleep-spell. [Oh my weirdo imagination!]


Hope your Vday was full of ‘L’

Love ❤


4 thoughts on “Box of love

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  2. Gud .i just read the words explaining vday it was great..valentine’s day n al in school days noone knows whats it also bcoz of my school is also one such prison school in chennai.same rules like seperate steps for girls n boys was in my school too.in fact walking on the corridor also have a line in between for girls n boys to walk..

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