My first day at college. She sat behind me, all alone, unpretentious and incessantly smiling with her glossy lips. The following day, I offered her a place next to me. There began my beautiful friendship with the Angel-Evangeline. (I call her ‘Prashi’ and her husband incidentally calls her Prashi as well. This is one of the fastest news I have ever heard from her)

An immaculate sweetheart, completely adorable and a very charming girl whom I loved so much (I still do, after all, she is my best friend). She was ‘my world’ during my college days that I needed none other than this angel.

I loved going to college just because she was a perfect mate in all sense. We had our own silly titbits. Every break and lunch was our ‘exchange-time’ that we looked forward to. We could skilfully gossip over any single thread, laugh over silliest stuffs and pass random comments over every soul that bumped into us! She was a total bliss to be with.

It was a tough time for me when she moved to do her highers in another place, as far as 800 km from where I was put up, while I went to take up my first job after graduating. But we never missed talking, sharing and skyping. After almost a year and a half, I still remember that very day, while I was terribly sick in bed, I received a message from her, and it said, “I am going to be engaged”. I was excited for this doll, though she found it difficult to accept this ‘happening’ initially. We began speaking much often, met a couple of times and gosh…. in a few week’s time,

“Dialling Prashi… Beep Beep… ENGAGED”

I loved the way she carried herself in this preparatory time. She perfectly groomed herself mentally to accept the new ‘He’ into her life. I sure have received some valuable ‘Lessons for life’ from her. Months ran down to weeks and weeks to a few days and days to the D-Day. Jan 2 dawned to a perfect day and it seemed like Heaven was all in the celebratory mood when the nature was at its best display. I rushed to the church so I could get a glimpse of this beautiful Angel walking down the aisle with her proud dad. A little unkempt, with big difficulty in carrying myself with the saree, her best friend(I mean myself here), managed to click a few snaps of her with her new ‘best-friend-for-life’. When she said, “I do”, I told myself, “She has stepped up; moved to the next phase of womanhood”, while I consoled myself that she would remain the same ‘girl’ to me. For a brief moment, my eyes welled up. Can I expect her to be much sweeter than this when she posed for all my shots, leaving beside the photographers?!? I wanted to run and hug her, but she was so pretty that I really did not want to mess her up!

She was absolutely fabulous. Everything was as perfect as it could be. This lady is now in the hands of the safest and the most-loving man I have ever known. They make a picture-perfect couple.

Today she was jumping(I am using this word on purpose) into her 2nd month of marriage. I along with another friend of ours visited Prashi. She played the perfect host to us. I was amazed at the hospitality that her in-laws had to offer. We sat down for a time of lunch together. As I was relishing the meal, my heart could only yearn for in-laws like hers. Her husband was another step ahead indeed. As we left, all I could tell her was, “You are blessed”.

As I pen down, I reminisce over all the teeny-weeny moments that we shared. She is an absolute blessing to me. I wishfully pray and close down that we stay this closer and our families stay this closer forever 🙂


PS: Thanks for being the best. You rock, Mrs Neulin.



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