God called a girl !

“I come to the altar with no Isaac to bring

Just the desire to be loved and the hope for a ring

I’ve waited, I’ve worried, and I’ve failed to trust

So take from me this desire and teach me as You must

All alone before You, my heart, I spill

With laughter and tears this empty vessel fill

I am looking, Lord, no longer for a man

But now to You and what You have planned

I am gifted and growing and I want to serve You

Just show me where to go and who to serve as I seek to follow through

And if alone You want me, for years to come

Isolate and teach me what is to be done

I can’t fight You any longer, I am too weak

I am done with fool’s gold and now, real treasure I seek

I want You, O Lord, to put a twinkle in my eye

I want You to be my focus and not any other guy

But even as I write this, part of me holds back

Help me to see that singleness is a blessing and not an attack

Lord, help me not to feel worthless, unblessed and alone

Help me to throw my cares at the foot of Your throne

As You want me to wait, Lord, please put a hold on my heart

Help me not to give it away to someone who will tear it apart

As I lay my desire down at your feet

Help me to be honest and my promises keep

Help me in loneliness to focus on the cross

And when I feel left out, help me count it as loss

I don’t want to struggle; I am too tired to fight

Help me to keep on and do what is right

Remove from me this jealousy and replace it with joy

Fill my thoughts with You, O Lord, instead of a boy

On the altar of sacrifice I place my desire

And I ask, Lord, right now that You’d burn it with fire

Please accept it, O Lord, for it is all I have to give

Help me to let go of this bondage and truly live

Take all of me, Lord, even when I am opposed

Help me to trust in You, the One who always knows

On my knees I fall, with tears on my face

And I ask, Lord, only that You’d meet me in this place

Altars are for bloodshed so, Lord, here’s my heart

Take it from me now and grant me a new start “



From Shannon’s – God called a girl

I love this poem by Shannon. Too much of sense and sensibility I say.


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