Hey Anna,
How are you? How’s Heaven? How’s daddy God? How are the angels? Are the streets made of gold? Do you really feed on manna everyday? Don’t you feel hungry? Do you keep singing all the time? I have too many questions to ask you. I am sure you are smiling down from above 🙂 I want just that curve of yours.

Hmmm… do you remember it’s your birthday today, your 29th birthday? Well, I remember though I got to know from mommy just a few years back. So what was/is special in Heaven today on the occasion of your birthday? Did daddy God present you with something? Did the angels sing a “Happy Birthday” song?… Anna, I am so excited for you.

This letter could be more of a surprise than happiness to you, I am pretty sure. But it’s been in my heart for a long time. I felt there could be no better day than today, to write a love letter to you. Daddy and mommy told me about you-their first dream, their first love, their first bundle of joy, their first son. If I am not wrong, you were planned to be named Sujith 🙂

I know our lives would have been much funnier, much happening and much lovelier, had you been here with us. No doubt, I would have been a lot more pampered, a lot more guarded by both of you. Smith is a wonderful brother. Couldn’t have asked for anything more than him. But I wish you were here around me as well. I have uttered this many a times to mommy-“Why did God take my brother away?”. She would every time smile with tears in her eyes, “Had he been here, you wouldn’t be here, paapa”.. It might or might not be true, that you are my guardian angel in Heaven.

Aaaah… Seems like I have gotten a little too senti ! Chalo, so you have a very happy and blessed birthday. I’ll get to see you when He returns or He calls me home. Hope you recognize me.

I love you sooooooooo much, Anna !
Your rightful sister.


13 thoughts on “To my brother in Heaven

  1. Wow akka!
    I never knew you had a blog! And this post is so beautifully written! So very heartfelt! Can’t wait to see your other posts, which I am going to right away!

  2. superrrrrr….:)..i must say its to senti…to me personally..i have been doing this for years to my big sister..writing to her when am really depressed n sometimes even talking to her..but dis thought of yours..made me to think…y have i never imagined like dis??..asking her about God and heaven..wen she is a beautiful cherub up there with God…:) 🙂

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